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A sample of our case study related to the UAE (MENA & GCC Region)


Analyzing Dubai’s School’s Rating

Using Advanced Data Manipulation Techniques & Interactive Graphical Visualization based on  Big Data Analytics Solutions


 Issue I: Dubai School Performance Ratings and Fee Structure

Data from KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) was downloaded which included massive data for all schools in Dubai with the following attributes:

  • Syllabus Type
  • Year of Establishment
  • Fees structure
  • Annual ratings by KHDA

We analyzed trends, determine correlations & make predictive models on the following variables.

Based on this data , we applied advanced data analytics techniques using R language and techniques to conduct some interesting analysis.

This analysis will be useful for all  parents wishing to ensure high quality education for their children as well as School Management, business and investors in the field of Education.

We used DPLYR for Data Manipulation, TITYR for Data Cleaning and Data Structuring, GGVIS, GGPLOT, PLOTLY for Advanced Graphical Visualizations (3D and Interactive Graphs), READR, LUBRIDATE, etc.

Below are examples and sample of the some interactive graphs depicting various aspects of the case studies and analyzing some interesting key questions like:

1. Does School Ranking Correlate with Fees?

2. What is the predicted School Fees for the next few years?

3. Is KHDA’s quality control and ranking improving the educational industries service delivery since it was launched?

4. By what factor does curriculum effect the KHDA Rating?-Using Factor Analysis Modeling technique?

To interact with the graphs to drill down and find how different schools are performing, what impact syllabus and fees is having on the school ratings and so on, please click here.

You may drill down to study the performance of a single school of your choice in-depth or compare a bunch of them .

For help with using interactive features on these graphs-please click here.

To read our in-depth analysis and get answers to the above listed questions based on KHDA data using big data driven analytics, please download our case study report by registering on our website (

We are sure the analytics results will surprise you and change your perceptions on school performance as per KHDA ratings and their relationship to Fees, Syllabus etc.


Article and Case Study by:

Nita Mathur: Big Data and Data Analytics Trainer

Nishant Das: Big Data and R-Language Trainer

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