Data Science Series – Level III

 Statistics for Data Analytics & Data Science 

Descriptive, Inferential, Predictive & Prescriptive Statistics

Course Objective

Comprehensive program to obtain solid foundation in descriptive, inferential, predictive & prescriptive statistical concepts as well as data analytics and interpretation.

All fundamental concepts in Statistical Significance Hypothesis testing like t-test, ANOVA, Regression, Chi Square will be covered as well as predictive modeling using Regression, Classification etc .

Suitable For

For executives and researchers engaged in Data Analytics, Interpretation & Reporting for performance Measurement, Quality, Innovation, Forecasting across different  Industries.It is a Must for those aspiring to work in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning & AI as it provides a robust foundation in creating advanced and effective ML and AI models and applications.

Ambeone’s  ‘Statistics for Data Analytics & Data Science ‘  Course provides comprehensive training in Statistics fundamentals & will help you in basic as well as advanced Data Analytics & Interpretation in any Business Domain. It will also create strong foundation for a career in Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The program aims to introduce participants to the all the important concepts in Descriptive, Inferential as well as Predictive statistics as well as its prescriptive application in business and research.

Statistics is an over-looked gem in the corporate world. Maybe because it was always thought to belong to academia, where conclusions to hypothesis needed to meet precise thresholds. While in the corporate world, decisions were made based on the intuition of the experience. Or maybe because there just wasn’t enough data or technological capabilities to warrant decisions being made based on results of precise statistical models.

However, today with the Big Data revolution, leading companies around the world are employing advanced statistical methods to guide their growth in business. Everywhere you look, there is data. Correctly applying the right statistical methods and techniques is the key to unlocking the power hidden in data.

In our Foundation in Statistics Certification, we will cover all basic concepts in statistics which creates strong foundation in analytics and interpretation of data accurately.

Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers
Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers

Foundation in Statistics Certification Concepts and Techniques Covered

  • Principles of Statistical Data Analysis
  • Understanding sources of data
  • Types of Variables
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Random Variables
  • Sampling Techniques & Estimation
  • Sampling Strategies & Experimental Designs
  • Probability Distributions
  • Binomial, Normal, t, F, Chi Square Distributions
  • Statistical Inferences using Hypothesis Testing
  • Z-test, t-test, Chi Square tests
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Foundations of Statistical Modeling
  • Non-Parametric tests

Once you have mastered employing these Statistical Techniques & Models, you will gain keen clarity in coming up with conclusions and making decisions for a variety of business applications. Furthermore, you will become confident in making business recommendations, after all, look at the numbers!

Also, we are pretty sure you will be interested in continuing your journey and going beyond the limitations of spreadsheets and into the creative and advanced world of Data Science, Big Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling!

LevelCourse NameKnow More
Level IFundamental of Data Analytics & Interpretation ,Simple Measures of Data Click here
Level IIBusiness Analytics with KPI Measurement using StatisticsClick here
Level IIIStatistics for Data Analytics & Data ScienceClick here
Level IVBig Data Analytics &  Visualization with R Click here
Level VAdvanced Data Mining & Manipulation with Python Click here
Level VIPredictive Modeling & Evaluation with Machine Learning Click here
Level VIIAdvance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with R & PythonClick here
Level VIIIApplied Analytics-Using Data Science & Machine Learning in Business AnalyticsClick here
Level IXNeural Network & Unsupervised Learning for Advanced AIClick here

Course Duration

32 Hours of Instructor Led Sessions


40 Hours of Case Studies & Assignments

Course Format

Five days intensive Bootcamps/Workshops for Corporate batches


Weekend Sessions for Public batches

Course Pre-requisite

Participants in this course must have completed our course on Fundamentals of Data Analytics  


Must demonstrate good understanding of the topics by passing an examination prior to course registration

It will also be beneficial if the course participants have some business and analysis experience in order to understand applications of statistical techniques in business environments.

Foundation in Statistics Training Course Schedule

Course Course FormatStart Date DurationRegister
Business Analytics Course
Weekday Evening 7th May 20246 WeeksRegister Here
Statistics for Data Analytics Weekend Afternoon11th May 20242 Months Register Here
Business Analytics CourseWeekday Evening 28th May 20246 WeeksRegister Here
Statistics for Data Analytics Weekend Morning30th June 20242 Months Register Here

Ambeone’s Foundation in Statistics Certification Training Course Details

  • Duration of the course is 32 hours of Instructor Led class room training with 40 hours of self/group study & assignments.
  • This course is offered as,
    • 5 Days Intensive Boot-Camp.
    • Evening Classes. Two 2-hour sessions a week for Eight weeks in the evenings.
    • Weekend Classes : 4-Hour sessions on a weekend for Eight Weeks
    • As part of our Six Month Associate in Big Data Analytics.
  • We currently offer this course Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • Checkout our course schedule more information.
  • Participants must bring their own laptop with Microsoft Excel installed in it.
  • All training topics covered in the Fundamental Statistics course will be taught using relevant industry specific case studies and examples.
  • This training course is very hands-on/practical and is not a lecture or seminar. Participants will be expected to complete exercises and case studies on their own with necessary support and guidance from the instructor.

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