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Fraud Prevention Analytics

Ambeone’s Fraud Prevention Analytics Certification Training program makes you an expert in applying Big Data Analytics in Fraud Management & Prevention – For Predictive Modeling, Fraud Pattern identification, Anomaly & Fraud detection & analytics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Fraud Prevention Analytics is becoming a very important aspect of business today because of constantly changing technology and trends there has been a dramatic increase of fraud which causes companies to lose billions worldwide each year. As a result, various modern techniques in fraud detection continue to evolve and are applied to many business fields. In this course of Fraud Prevention Analytics we will focus on using Data Analytics and current techniques used to monitor trends and patterns in order to detect undesirable behavior, and detect possibilities of fraud.

Ambeone offers intensive Three Day program

In this course we will focus on:
  • Overview of Big Data Analytics in Fraud Management
  • Data Mining Techniques in Fraud Detections
  • Descriptive Analytics for Fraud Detections
  • Predictive Modeling for Fraud Detetection
  • Social Network Analysis for Fraud Detection

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