Entrepreneurship Training

Ambeone’s Entrepreneurship Training Course makes you an expert in dealing with the four basic functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling, as these are essential in launching and growing a business.

Entrepreneurship is a natural phenomenon in business. It is part of business life. It shows that business is healthy when there are entrepreneurial skills and managements are adopted for changing and learning. Thus, it will be beneficial for any business organization to understand the definition of entrepreneurship, sources and types of entrepreneurship, and be able to manage entrepreneurship.

To grow smoothly, an organization needs efficient policy-makers and hardworking team of executors. Whereas, to grow in geometric progression it needs entrepreneurial functionaries at key levels, who are able to perceive growth opportunities on time and are capable to innovate, keeping the current enterprise and its available resources as a base. This calls for ‘speeding up innovation within the organization by making better use of entrepreneurial talent’ or in other words of ‘intrapreneurship’ or ‘corporate entrepreneurship’.

Our Corporate Entrepreneurship training helps develop the Intrapreneurship within corporate culture.

Ambeone offers 8 weeks long Certification Training program for Entrepreneurship Training to provide participants with essential techniques for establishing and growing their business.

This Training Course can also be offered as a customized Entrepreneurship Certification Training for different organizations based on their business needs and trainee’s experience.

Course Objectives

The broader objective of proposed interventions is to strengthen entrepreneurial competencies of business associates and key executives. After the programme, they should be in a better position to understand themselves, think and act like competent and resilient entrepreneurs and serve the stakeholders well. All these may ultimately lead to better productivity, quality and concern for the customer.

The specific objectives are:

  • To make them aware about their entrepreneurial competencies, characteristics, inner strengths and areas for improvement.
  • To ensure that the entrepreneurial vision resulting in birth of an enterprise is not only sustained but also developed adequately.
  • To develop participants on sensitivity to the changes in environment, concern for the customers and entrepreneurial leadership.
  • To inspire them to become achievers within the organization and thus, help the organization achieving leadership position in the industry.

Course Duration

8 Weeks / 32 Hours (4 Hours per week)

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Corporate Entrepreneurship Training Course Schedule

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