Ambeone’s  Advance Program in Digital Transformation 

Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers
Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers
Ambeone Digital Transformation Course

Organizations all over the world and across all industries are moving towards digital transformation as it provides new opportunities of growth in all spheres-customer engagement and experience, sales, productivity and profitability.

Ambeone’s  Advance Program in Digital Transformation 

With the advent of Technology, Internet and Social Media all organizations are forced to undergo digital transformation and provide their customers with multi-channel services which integrates customer experience and internal operational processes across all the channels seamlessly.

Most companies are now not only marketing their products and services online but also offering Online Shopping as well as online sales support and customer service.

Customers want to have the flexibility of shopping either in store or online and also want the option to have products delivered by courier to their door steps or pick them in a store.

Hence organizations have to transform their marketing , sales operations and indeed all business process to be able to attract, serve and satisfy their customers through multiple but integrated channels.

Digital transformation entails integration of digital technology into all areas of a business and undergo complete organization change which fundamentally changes the operations and engaging the customers.

We cover all important aspects of complete digital transformation journey for any organization . We do this through a comprehensive and well structured module based approach in our trainings. Following are the modules we cover:

  1. Creating sustainable E-Commerce Business Models
  2. Identifying and Digitising Customer Experience and Touch Points 
  3. Business Process Re-Engineering & Transformation 
  4. Digital Marketing, Branding and Positioning
  5. Work-Flows Development and Implementation for multi-channel integration
  6. Online Privacy Laws and Regulations framework
  7. Big Data Analytics for online traffic & customer profiling and behaviour data

This course is a must for those who are planning to start or expand their business processes across traditional boundaries and deploy multichannel integrated service to understand, engage and serve their customers.

Although digital transformation will vary widely based on organization’s specific challenges and demands, there are a few constants and common themes among existing case studies and published frameworks that all business and technology leaders should consider as they embark on digital transformation.

Our Digital Transformation program covers all aspects of Business Transformation for Digital Presence and provides a comprehensive suite of tools to understand and lead your way through a digital transformation. You will develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities you face.

It has following modules related to complete Digital Transformation process:

Creating Sustainable E-Commerce Business Models


With the never-before access to customers through multiple channels and touch points, organizations have opportunities to offer increasingly  innovative and cost effective  and customized products and services to their different customer segments. However to do this successfully companies need to transform their existing business models or often develop completely new ways of doing business.

In this module participants learn about the different components for  transforming and developing new business models which support the digital customer and how to review  and re-engineer their existing business process to suit the digital process. Through case studies and real-life discussions they will learn how e-commerce platforms and digitization can revamp any traditional business , redefine their boundaries and change the way the business was done.


Online Presence Marketing and Branding


Participants will learn to harness the power of Internet and social media promote their brands more effectively through digital media . they will learn how to explore social media to understand their target customers, what makes their customers happy and how to attract them.

They will learn how to drive innovative digital marketing strategy throughout the customer journey and build positive marketing communication and reinforcement messages and customer experience across all channels and touch points.


Digitizing Customer Experience & Touch Points Management


Participants will learn about different touch points and their combinations that can be offered for enhanced customer experience. They will learn how to offer such integrated cross-channel engagement to customers for marketing, sales, after sales as well as customer service.

They will learn how companies can offer self-service digital tools that allow the customer to save time, while benefitting the organization by linking customer’s profile with company’s internal processes and optimizing cross selling as well as up selling opportunities.


Business Process Re-engineering, Transformation and Digitization


In order to provide enhanced multi-channel integrated customer experiences companies need to transform internal processes and operations. Participants will learn the essentials for Process Automation and digitization and how it can help transform business process flows while enabling the Workers to automate repetitive tasks, collaborate with different departments and functionalities to make work flows more efficient, effective and customer centric.


Work Flow Development and Implementation


Cross functional and Cross-departmental work-flows need to be developed and implemented to fulfill customer orders and integrate with the traditional fulfillment systems as well as external parties like suppliers and delivery service providers. These  need to not only follow logical work flow but also align to agreed service delivery standards hence participants will learn to develop work flows which balance all aspects and brain-storm solution for any potential conflicts.


Big Data Analytics for Online Traffic and Customer Profiling


To be able to perform well in digital world , the companies will need to develop and use analytics capability and insights to better understand customers’ needs, preferences and behaviors. In this module participants will learn how to use analytics and how to interpret data to make better decisions to drive customer behavior, adjust marketing mix, prices and promotions  dynamically in response to demand, business environment and customers preferences.

The Online visits traffic and navigation data as well as customers profiling and behaviour patterns are usually quite large data sets and hence latest techniques using R for big data analytics and advanced data visualisation will be covered.


Online Privacy Laws and Regulations framework


Online business have a completely different set of customer service standards as well as regulations. Important principles to focus are Transparency, Customer rights, Data Privacy, Intellectual Property rights, Easy Refund and Returns process and hence in this module participants will learn the legal implications and regulations to safeguard customer and organizational interest in the Digital World.


We offer Hands-on & In-Person Training on all components of Digital Transformation Concepts

Course Details

This course is offered as,

  • Short Term – A Series of Two 5- Day Intensive Boot-Camp
  • Long Term  – Four Months (16 Weeks) Program with Evening Classes, Two 2-hour sessions or One 4-Hour session per week

We currently offer this course Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Check out our course schedule more information

  • Participants must bring their own laptop. Preferably with more than 8GB ram.
  • All softwares and Databases used for the course are open-source and participants will be taught how to install and set-up the environment.
  • All training topics covered in the course will be taught using relevant industry specific case studies and examples.
  • This training course is very hands-on/practical and is not a lecture or seminar. Participants will be expected to complete exercises and case studies on their own with necessary support and guidance from the instructor.
  • Participants are encouraged to develop and work on their own Digital Business Model through out the course.



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