Marketing Strategy and Planning

Ambeone’s Marketing Strategy & Planning Certification Training program makes you an expert in planning and developing effective short or long term Marketing Strategy to enhance your Branding & Positioning in today’s competitive marketplace.

Marketing Strategy and Planning is one of the most important skills required for success in business management. Decision makers must develop the resources and capabilities needed to achieve and then sustain competitive advantage in traditional and emerging markets.

Our intensive two day training course on Marketing Strategy & Planning will allow you in gaining a solid foundation in managing business with a clear focus and planned long-term strategy and the advanced skills needed to execute business strategies effectively. Marketing Strategy Training will help you to understand the practical realities behind organizational decision-making.

Who Should Attend

The Marketing Strategy & Planning Training & Development Course is for senior executives involved decision-making and also executives who support strategic decision-making for their organization.

Course Outline

  • The principles of Marketing Strategies, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, etc.
  • Types of corporate strategies, Business Strategies and the strategic Planning process.
  • Competitor analysis, customer analysis, market forecasting and decision making.
  • Importance of Strategic Leadership in organization
  • Types of strategic alliances and need for sustainable strategies.
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Benefits of the Program

Upon completion of this course, participants will gain a deep understanding and knowledge of the latest trends in strategic management:

  • Develop a cohesive strategy for your organization, one that includes an interconnected view of your business and the environment in which it operates
  • Make good decisions under pressure
  • Gain an understanding of the core competencies you, your team and organization must possess to be successful in a world without boundaries
  • Strengthen your business analysis skills and strategic leadership effectiveness
  • Sharpen your skills for innovative strategic thinking while discovering new paths to growth

Using Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Marketing Strategy and Planning

In today’s data driven world, all organizations are flooded with lot of data on market trends, competitors, customers preference, behaviours, usage patterns etc through social media and other channels. This data can be mined and analysed to find valuable insights that can help you to create a successful Marketing Strategy and Plans which will be backed by solid quantitative reasonings, forecasts and market estimates.

This will not only help to fuel growth in your organization but is absolutely essential in the highly competitive markets!

You can learn the latest techniques for Big Data Analytics and Visualization using R which will enable you to make sense from large data sets quickly and accurately, spot trends , identify niches and create Marketing Strategy and Plans which propel your business growth.

Marketing Strategy & Planning Training Course Schedule

Course Course FormatStart Date DurationRegister
Data Driven Marketing Strategy & Planning
Intensive Bootcamp26th June 20244 DaysRegister Here

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