Negotiation Skills

Ambeone’s “Negotiations Skills” Certification Training program makes you an expert in applying Negotiation Skills to Influence your team, partners and other business associates positively. 

Negotiation and influencing are essential skills critical for business and personal success. Every organization can benefit from improved negotiation skills.

Ambeone provides customized negotiation skills training program for your industry and tailors it to your company’s specific needs and challenges. After the program, participants will be able to immediately put to use their negotiation skills, tactics, and knowledge that they learned in their respective domains.

Course Outline

  • Sales Negotiation Techniques
  • Core Principles and Steps to Negotiation
  • Building Trust and the importance of relationships in negotiations
  • Compete or Co-operate
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Barriers to Negotiation
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator
  • Best Practice Methods in Negotiation
  • Manage a multi-party negotiation, conflict and collaboration
  • Effective Communication and listening skills for effective negotiations


The Negotiation Skills Training will benefit your organization in many ways including

  • Evaluate your current negotiation approaches and develop new strategies.
  • Diagnose the underlying negotiation and influencing process
  • Understand what drives and motivates the other party.
  • Identify and manage differences between how we negotiate and what we negotiate about
  • Break deadlocks creatively
  • Prepare more systematically to your advantage
  • Generate strategic options through BATNA
  • How to identify what information you need to negotiate effectively
  • Key negotiation concepts of evaluating alternatives, interests, and parties, and how to convert opponents into partners
  • Improving interpersonal skills, leadership skills and communication skills.

Who Should Attend

The course is targeted for sales staff, business development executives and managers. It is customized for different levels and industries.

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