Ambeone’s Data Science Sample Case Studies

Based on Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques

Ambeone’s successful Case Studies on using Data Science, Machine Learning & AI for business applications

They provide interesting insights on how decision-making, profitability and productivity can be enhanced using Data Science effectively.

In addition to Training, we also offer vendor independent consultancy services for Advanced Data Analytics, Statistical Modeling and Machine Leaning Solutions for different Industries. To complement the data analytics, we also provide services for data collection, curation and advanced data mining solutions for both quantitative as well as qualitative analysis .

Whether you wish to clean, extract and analyse your own internal legacy  data or need to collect external data relevant for your markets and  Industry, we provide customized  consultancy to help you gain Valuable sharp Business Insights.

You can read more about some of the interesting Business case studies based on our consultancy projects as well as how to Rent a Data Scientist.

Listed below are links to some sample case studies based on publicly available data as reference.


Sample Case Study 1: Dubai School Performance Analysis using KHDA Dataset – Part 1

Sample Case Study 2: Dubai School Performance Analysis using KHDA Dataset – Part 2

Sample Case Study 3: Sample of Interactive Graphs

Sample Case Study 4: Sample of Text Analytics

Sample Case Study 5: HR Analytics for Performance Management

Sample Case Study 6: Customer Analytics for Business Feasibility

Sample Case Study 7: Customer Analytics for Profiling & Branding

Sample Case Study 8: Retail Analytics for Market Segmentation

Sample Case Study 9: Text & Sentiment Analysis for Benchmarking

Sample Case Study 10: Predictive Modeling for enhancing Customer Loyalty

Sample Case Study 11: Route Planning Algorithms for Fleet Optimization

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