Data Science Series – Level VIII

Applied Analytics – Using Data Science & Machine Learning in Business

Course Objective

This Level focuses on the all important aspect of applying Data Science and Machine Learning techniques for Business Applications across different functionalities and industries. You will learn to understand different business challenges and identify most suitable Data science techniques to solve them and create appropriate Machine Learning models.

Suitable For

Those wishing to use their skills in Big Data Analytics & ML and AI in different Business Domains. Successful deployment of Data Science for business and other real life challenge is the key and all Data Scientists need to have the knowhow of linking the data science skills to enhance business decisions & public welfare & lifestyle.

Ambeone offers Applied Analytics Programs for using Data Science & Machine Learning in Business for different domains & industries like Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Retail & Customer Analytics, Supply Chain, Operations etc.

All organizations, big or small, sooner or later have to embrace Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to remain relevant and competitive.

Big data Analytics and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence models are being deployed in almost all industry due to their myriad benefits like ability to provide insights for better business decisions, higher customer service quality, customer retention and maximizing revenue, improving profitability while automating repetitive task as well as improving productivity.

Ambeone offers specialized Applied business analytics programs in business domains of different industries focusing on using of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI techniques on different business aspects of each domain. The programs are based on real life case studies and data for different Industries for the respective business domains.

You will learn to to use big data analytics techniques and use machine learning techniques to transform your data into insights, trends and predictions using robust predictive models that will help you make better decisions, increase customer volumes and revenues.

Ambeone offers intensive Three Day program in different Business Domains for Executives to integrate Big Data Analytics techniques in their daily jobs. Experience in respective Business Domain and basic familiarity with Data Analytics concepts are prerequisites for this program.

Following are some of the Professional management programs which can be supplemented with the Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning skills for faster and more accurate decision making in todays data driven world. 

These Programs are also offered as customized program for different organizations based on their business needs and trainee’s experience.

Listed Below are Various domain where we provide expert customized Trainings in Applied Analytics-Using Data Science & Machine Learning. 

Learn to apply Big Data Analytics & ML in your Business 

Ambeone Data Science course in Dubai

As part of the Data Science Series, case studies and data from different Business Domains and Functionalities  are used through out the different levels to ensure that participants become familiar with applying the Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques and Modeling for different business applications.

Applied Analytics-Using Data Science and Machine Learning can transform different Business Domains

Please click on following Four Domains to know more

Brief Description of Benefits of Using Data Science and Machine Learning in some more Business Domains

Retail Analytics

Applying big data analytics in Retail business to understand customer behavior, buying patterns and preferences often leading to insights for better marketing and selling techniques, products and services.

Supply Chain Analytics

Application of Analytics in Supply Chain Management – Vertical Integration, Demand forecast & planning; Develop inventory models under uncertainty including service level and reorder point models.

Operational Analytics

Deploy techniques like aggregate planning models, introduction planning and scheduling as well as Lean & Six Sigma, Linear Programming resulting in operational efficiencies and cost reduction.

Management Accounting Analytics

Applying analytics in Management Accountancy which assist in Staff and Cost Accountancy, Internal Auditing, Budget Analysis and Forecasting leading to significant  costs savings and efficiencies.

Healthcare Analytics

Measure Hospitals Operational KPIs including business planning; Occupancy ratio, service levels and patient  and reorder volume and revenue and cost management and other hospital management functions.

Risk Assessment Analytics

Improved predictive power and stability of risk models using real time risk intelligence, improving monitoring of risk and reducing noise-to-signal ratios. Strengthen evidence based decision-making capacities.



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