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Ambeone offers ‘Advanced Program in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence’ 

In Person Class Room Trainings with in-depth coverage in Statistics offered in Dubai & UAE

Ambeone offers Award Winning & highly acclaimed Data Science Courses in the region since 2017 and have been the first one in the region to offer comprehensive well structured in person programs for all levels.

An integrated six month Data Science , Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence program

Statistics & Applied Mathematics 

  • Essential Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Probability Theory
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Predictive Statistics
  • Correlation & Regression

Data Interpretation & Analytics

  • Business Intelligence
  • KPI Setting and Metrics
  • Data Visualisation in Power BI/Tableau
  • Financial Analytics
  • Market Research & Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics

Big Data Analytics with R & Python

  • R & Python programming
  • Data Types & Structure
  • Syntax and Grammar
  • Importing , Merging & Cleaning Data
  • Big Data Mining & Exploration
  • Big Data Manipulation
  • Advanced Visualisation
  • Dynamic Graphs

Machine Learning & AI Alogrithms

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Classification & Decision Trees
  • Random Forest
  • Time Series & Forecasting
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Recommender Systems
  • Text Analytics & NLP
  • Reinforcement Learning

Hands-on Real-Life Industry Assignments & Case Studies 

As part of Ambeone’s ‘Advance Program in Data Science and AI ‘ Certification Training, participants will apply their Statistics Knowledge and Machine Learning  skills on practical real data sets and solve big data analytics problems as they would be expected as professional data Scientists , on a day-to-day basis in the real world. Assignments & Problem sets will be related to following business functionalities and can be selected by the students as per their Business Domain Experience:

Marketing Analytics Energy Efficiency Analytics Decision & Demand Forecast Analytics
HR Analytics Marketing Segmentation & Strategy Analytics Retail Analytics
Financial Analytics Fraud Analytics Supply Chain Analytics

Unique Advantages

Ambeone’s ‘Advance Program in Data Science and AI ‘

Placement Assistance

As unique offer and advantage to the students, all eligible students of the ‘Advance Program in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence’  will be provided Placement Assistance in Dubai/UAE  subject to their completing the program successfully ,passing the final exam with high score as well as  successful completion of the capstones projects . The Placement assistance will be to secure a suitable Data Scientist/ Data Analyst related position in Dubai/UAE as per their profile, experience and business domain expertise. Terms and conditions apply.

Real Life Projects and Internship

Students will be provided an opportunity to work on a Real Industry based assignment based on their business domain expertise and experience.

To get hands-on Applied Analytics skills in Data Science, students of our ‘Advance Program in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence’  Course will be able to pick one of the Business Functionality like Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, Logistics etc. for their Real Life Industry Assignment and will need to have some prior experience in the selected business functionality to be able to apply Statistical concepts and Data Science concepts effectively.

In Person ,Face To Face Classes

Ambeone’s ‘Advance Program in Data Science & AI ‘ course is designed as In Person , Instructor-led , Class Room training to ensure effective learning and retention with hands-on practice. Training is offered in small batches to ensure personal attention but with peer and group learning experience to maximize retention and applicability. Participants are able to clear their doubts in complex topics of Statistics and Machne Learning on real time basis and have faculty support at all times to ensure clarity of concepts.

Hands On -Assignments Based Learning

Almost 100 plus class room training hours of concepts and teaching are mirrored with more than 100 hours of Hands on , Self or group study, assignments and Real-Life Projects for learning and practice. Participants have to complete multiple projects encompassing different Machine Learning alogrithms covering all aspects from data cleaning, merging, PreProcessing to Model Development, Calibration and evaluation.

The assignments are based on Industry Based Use Cases and data sets. Participants can also bring in data sets from their work or domain to practice on so that their learnings can be applied directly into their job functions.

Participants will Learn

  • Practical skills needed to succeed in the role of a Data Scientist.
  • Ability to ask the right questions and where to look for the answers.
  • Use languages like R, Python & Scala which go beyond the limitations of spreadsheets.
  • Make statistically valid predictions using machine learning algorithms.
  • Effectively communicate results using advanced graphical visualizations.
  • Understand decision making & game theory in context of data analytics.

All over the world, the demand for jobs in as Data Scientist and Big Data Analyst are growing exponentially and Big data analytics is considered the best career move.

An estimated 2.7 million job postings for Data Analytics and science are projected in the United States itself with Amazon, IBM, Google, Netflix and other TOP leading companies. Mckinsey considers it as the Sexiest job of 20th Century and as the next frontier for innovation, competition.

Glassdoor recently revealed its report highlighting the 50 best jobs in America, and unsurprisingly, data scientist claimed the top spot for the second year in a row.

As per a recent study, a quick search for data scientist jobs in the United States on LinkedIn reveals over 13,700 open positions. Additionally, this job trends tool by Indeed, which showcases the demand for data scientists, reveals that both data scientist job listings and job seeker interest are showing no signs of slowing down.

Organizations face enormous challenges in organizing data.

Today, companies are flooded with data.  Data from many sources such as internal departments, customers, partners, vendors, competitors, social media, etc. all in real time.

Spreadsheets & Business Intelligence Tools just don’t cut it. They are slow and limited in capabilities. In the meantime, the data is still coming in. With IoT & other technology advances, new variables are cropping up and there are more and more things that are being measured on a real time basis.

Companies are over whelmed. They are not able to make sense of the data and know they are losing out on opportunities that the Big Data Revolution is bringing into the market.

They are actively looking for candidates who can leverage the power of data analytics and data science. The ideal candidate is someone who can quickly interpret their diverse & dynamic data and make statistically valid decisions to guide the course of their business.

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The demand for data scientists is high, and you as an aspiring data science professional can enter the world of data science a number of ways.

You can join our Integrated Six Month Associate in Big Data Analytics Training program

As a data scientist and analyst you will requires a mixture of skills that we have packaged together in this unique six month In Person Class room program with placement assistance. Even if you have no prior experience in the field of data analytics, you can join this Six month data analytics training program which is structured into five modules to ensure all students irrespective of their initial knowledge in data analysis are able to learn and complete the program with ample hands on practice and real life industry use cases and assignments.

You will learn all required concepts and skills directly with an experienced faculty in the class room–we know through experience that classroom trainings are much more effective and time efficient than online programs . Hence it is ensured that all instruction and support is provided through class room trainings with over 100 hours of hands on practice under guidance from the instructor.

You can join our series of Intensive Boot Camps

Another way to develop all of the necessary skills is by attending boot camps on different data science topics and skills. Depending on your prior knowledge and skills you may join one of the intensive 5 days boot camp programs in our Data Science series and build on your existing skills at your pace. All boot camps are delivered as In Person Class-room trainings to ensure effective and time efficient learning and practice.

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Ambeone’s ‘Advance Program in Data Science and AI ‘ is our six-month unique course launched in the UAE to cater to the large and growing need of data analysts required in all industries in the region and worldwide.

  1. The course is delivered as In Person Class room training with over 100 hours of Hands On Practice for effective learning and retention!
  2. On successful completion, students are provided Internship opportunities and Placement Assistance.
  3. The program has been developed as per consultations with industry experts with the objective to full fill the shortage of data analysts and data scientists all over the world through our trained students.
  4. The program will ensure that you learn the techniques of big data analytics which includes how to collect, connect, curate & analyze big data for making accurate and real-time business decisions.
  5. The program is module based to ensure all students irrespective of their initial knowledge in data analysis are able to learn and complete the program with hands on practice and real-life industry use cases and assignments.
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