Ambeone’s Artificial Intelligence Course in Dubai

Ambeone’s  Artificial Intelligence Course certification provides you the complete comprehensive steps to become a successful Data Scientist & AI Scientist. You can start from the basics to become professional Data Scientist developing your own AI models.

Due to its immense scope in the future, Artificial Intelligence Courses & Training is becoming the sound choice of countless learners and excelling in this field can certainly kick start your career to exponential growth.

However , you cannot directly become an Artificial Intelligence expert, just like you cannot become a Neuro Surgeon directly. Before becoming a Neuro Surgeon you need to complete basic medical education and then specialization, similarly training for Artificial Intelligence is a step by step process and requires learning of various components.

We cover all relevant topics like Statistics, R and Python Programming and Machine Learning in a structured manner with instructor led-in person class room trainings with hands-on practice to make you competent in Artificial Intelligence domain.

Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers
Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers

Topics Covered in Ambeone’s Artificial Intelligence Course

Some of the prerequisites for Artificial Intelligence Course  and career are as follows:

  • Excellent understanding of Statistics, probability, vectors, matrices and calculus
  • A very good command at programming language i.e. Python and R
  • Understanding of Data Manipulation  and Data visualization and Big Data Analytics
  • Machine learning algorithms based on statistical models
  • Deep Learning and Neural networks

Since, at core artificial intelligence deals with simulation of the thinking process in machines, familiarity  with the concepts of formal logic, automata and complexity theory is also helpful.

We at Ambeone offer a highly structured comprehensive training that takes you from basics to advanced levels of Deep Learning.

Artificial Intelligence means making the machines decide and act like Human Intelligence.

field of Artificial Intelligence is growing exponentially today and is expected to evolve sharply further in future .

The reason why Artificial Intelligence has huge significance today is because its applications in all realms of life are doing tasks which once seemed impossible and even unthinkable.

For instance, in the IT industry, AI helps in developing intelligent software; while in the healthcare industry, it is taking the role of experienced clinical assistant. In the financial sector, creditworthiness of borrowers can be assessed quickly and  while In transportation industry, AI is being used to perform various tasks like train scheduling and assisting drivers in the navigation of route. Introduction of the self-driving car is one of the best applications of artificial intelligence. Other parts of AI like preventive maintenance, forecasting maintenance schedule, etc. are also playing the major role in various industries.

Most of the renowned brands like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google and many others are already using concepts of AI in a variety of applications including innovations like Alexa, Siri. Almost all types of industries are moving towards the application of artificial intelligence and therefore, the number of jobs in this field is growing day by day.

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Once you have mastered employing topics covered in our Artificial Intelligence training in Dubai, you can apply your skills in cutting edge work in any department in any industry of your choosing.

Modern Industry leaders are well aware that AI will give them the edge over competition and is the essential component needed to survive in the coming decade!

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We cover practical business applications of Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence in our Artificial Intelligence Training in Dubai.

Following are some well known examples of Business applications of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Image Recognition, Voice/Sound Recognition, Text Based Applications like Sentiment Analytics are all examples of  TensorFlow Implementation.
  • Self-Driving Cars, Auto-Tagging Pictures & Auto-Complete words/sentences are all examples of Deep-learning applications.
  • Robots or software that learns the rules of games (or stock-markets) on-the-fly through trial and error are built using reinforcement learning models.

We offer Hands-on & In-Person Training on all components of Artificial Intelligence 

Prerequisite for this Course

  • Participants in this course must have completed our course on Machine Learning.
  • Or they must demonstrate good understanding of the following topics by passing an examination prior to course registration.
    • Fundamentals of Statistics. This course will be heavily using Statistical concepts to build AI models and it is expected participants have a robust understanding of Statistics.
    • Programming in Python. This course will be mainly using Python as the programming language. It is expected that participants have experience working with Python, especially related to Data Manipulation, Data Visualization & Basic Machine Learning.
    • Machine Learning. This course will be building on topics covered in our Machine Learning Module and it is expects participants have sound understanding of topics covered in that course.
    • We offer Discount Packages for the prerequisite introductory courses needed to successfully complete this course. Contact our team to know more.
    • Big Data Analytics is an evolving science with new and unique applications cropping up every day. Check out our carefully planned and recommended sequence of training courses that will ensure you gain all the necessary skills needed in a systematic and meaningful way to succeed as a Data Scientist!

Our carefully planned and recommended learning structure for Data Science Series

LevelCourse NameKnow More
Level IFundamental of Data Analytics & Interpretation ,Simple Measures of Data Click here
Level IIBusiness Analytics with KPI Measurement using StatisticsClick here
Level IIIStatistics for Data Analytics & Data ScienceClick here
Level IVBig Data Analytics &  Visualization with R Click here
Level VAdvanced Data Mining & Manipulation with Python Click here
Level VIPredictive Modeling & Evaluation with Machine Learning Click here
Level VIIAdvance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with R & PythonClick here
Level VIIIApplied Analytics-Using Data Science & Machine Learning in Business AnalyticsClick here
Level IXNeural Network & Unsupervised Learning for Advanced AIClick here

Artificial Intelligence Training Course Schedule

Course Course FormatStart Date DurationRegister

Course Details

  • This course is offered as,
  • We currently offer this course Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Checkout our course schedule more information.
  • Participants must bring their own laptop. Preferably with more than 8GB ram.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence training module will be mainly taught using Python as the programming language as well as some R-Programming.
  • All softwares and Databases used for the course are open-source and participants will be taught how to install and set-up the environment.
  • All training topics covered in the course will be taught using relevant industry specific case studies and examples.
  • This training course is very hands-on/practical and is not a lecture or seminar. Participants will be expected to complete exercises and case studies on their own with necessary support and guidance from the instructor.
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