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Ambeone’s HR Analytics Certification Training program makes you an expert in applying Big Data Analytics in Human Resources for better HR strategies, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Retention and Performance Management for enhancing organizational performance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE .

HR has several database like HRIS, performance management ratings, 360 assessments, compensation data ,LMS, employee surveys etc . Though these databases may not be as big as a typical big customer transactional database , the big data analytics techniques  can still be used to garner significant insights and intelligence

HR professionals can use the analytical techniques to :

  1. Identify and Improve Engagement Drivers-Various factors that motivates employees and impact their performance and productivity can be studied and relationships identified for factors that lead to greater employee satisfaction and productivity.These engagement drivers can be then improved and their impact measured carefully to develop most accurate HR policies. Data Analytics can help in handling the challenge of knowing which drivers matter and how best to impact them.
  2. Discover the underlying reasons for employee attrition and identify high-value employees at risk of leaving.For example it can be used to identify the root causes of turnover in the first one year. The analytics can be used to understand potential impact and actual ROI over time.
  3. Predict Future Performance –Historical data on employee profile and performances can also be sued to identify and track parameters that are common to most successful employees and use the insights to make better decisions over time for employee hiring. For Example what competencies drive sales professionals to meet their targets.
  4. Training and Development: HR Analytics can be used to link employee performance and competencies to to strategic and financial goals for improved business performance and establish effective training and career development initiatives.

Ambeone offers intensive Three Day program for HR Executives to integrate Big Data Analytics techniques in their daily jobs .

Main topics covered are:

HR KPIS  Predictive Modeling
 Forecasting Techniques Employee Engagement Analytics
Sentiment Analysis  Churn Management

Experience in HR field and basic familiarity with Data Analytics concepts are prerequisites for this program.

This Program is also offered as customized HR Analytics Certification Training for different organizations based on their business needs and trainee’s experience.

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