Logistics & Supply Chain Analytics

Using traditional supply chain systems are increasingly getting obsolete in view of the growing dependence on e-commerce models, Global market place and multi-channel customer touch points, ordering and delivery systems.

Hence today logistics and supply chains management has become a complex activity involving multiple businesses and organizations as well as channels. In addition there are impacts due to global recession, volatile fuel costs and changing supplier bases .

It is due to this increasing complexity the use of state of the art Data Analytics Techniques, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important in this domain .(Example Google Maps has made it very easy for all drivers to find the best and most time efficient routes)

Data Analytics can make the Logistics and Supply Chain organisation to make better business decisions, enhance  their route optimisation,   design and manage  better their supply chains.

In this program we will focus on:

  • Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
  • Complexity dimensions in Supply Chain
  • Challenges in Supply Chain
  • Significance of using analytics in Logistics and supply chain management
  • Cost Savings and other impact of using Analytical Models
  • Analytical and Statistical models for Supply Chain
  • Forecasting Models based on Regression
  • Forecasting using Time Series Models
  • Resources Optimisation Models based on linear programming.
  • BI and other solutions for typical Supply chain problems


This program will introduce the main methods and analytical techniques that can optimize your supply chain management and decisions . The focus of the program will be hands-on practice , Understanding of overall Modeling concepts and application of the Models and not the theoretical details.

This is a hands-on course. Students will use spreadsheets extensively to apply these techniques and approaches in case studies drawn from actual supply chains.


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