Who are our Students?


Ambeone’s students are mostly working professionals in the age group of 28 to 55 years. Most are in junior to middle level positions and looking for change/grow in the career with Data Science skills while around 25% are Senior level decision makers wanting to learn data science to introduce it in their organizations and create suitable teams.

Ambeone’s students are mostly Engineers, HR, IT professionals from Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Production, Construction Industries, IT & Software Development, Marketing, Sales,  Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Media, Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Government, Consulting, Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Investment backgrounds.

What do our Students say?

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“Ambeone course laid the foundation of my studies in Data Science. The course covered in depth about statistics and data analytics using R and Python. It gave me a good grasp on the fundamental building blocks of data science for application in real world problems. The instructor, Ms. Mathur was very helpful and explained concepts clearly to me. She was always a great help whenever I felt a problem which I couldn’t solve or a doubt I needed to clear. I’d like to thank Ambeone for the good service they have been and wish all good luck for future courses.”
Kavya | Analyst – Dubai Airport Navigation Services


“I am moving to Paris to lead our team of data insights. Thank you Ambeone for the course, this made me eligible for this position.”
Rodrigo | Area Sales Manager
“Thank you for sending me a congratulatory email on my course completion. Wouldn’t have been possible without the faculty’s patience. To be honest, before I started, I had zero knowledge of programming. My statistic was all over the place because I hadn’t done or used it in 9 years. The course is designed beautifully where we’re taken on a refresher for statistic and all the elements required for regression and data is covered. That is very helpful. With zero knowledge of programming, I can now easily do that which is something that is brilliant and takes a lot of hard work on the faculty’s part.”
Mohammad Hamza | Engineer, Emirates


“Seminar was very clear with explanation on basics of data analytics and its application to AI. Will certainly return for advanced courses.”
Polly Esther


“Enrolling in the 6 month analytics course without a programming or engineering background, I was a bit nervous as to what to expect. Now, after having completed it, I can say that I’ve learnt a lot in half a year, and gained a whole new set of skills. The program structure and resources were definitely beneficial in my data science journey. Most MOOCs and online certifications don’t provide the math and programming based pre requisites needed before getting into more complex topics like Machine Learning. So it was great that the curriculum focused on building a strong base in all aspects from theory to programming. After completing the course, I feel a lot more confident in pursuing my data science education and career further.”
Daniel Alex


“Very well framed courses, approachable and very knowledgeable tutors and excellent notes. Definitely recommended”
Bansari Barot


“The course was very good in understanding the basics of statistics. The course content and the assignments were helpful in practical application. The trainer was very cooperative and explained the technical aspects in detail and it benefitted me coming from non analytic background.”
Manoj | Area Manager, Home Centre


“The concepts was well explained, and the technical aspects and case studies used were very impressive and relevant”
Mohammed | Business Development Manager, The Saudi Investment Bank


“I took a one-week accelerated statistics and R course from AMBEONE as a preparation to a Master of Science program I just started. I found the course quite insightful, practical and the instructor was very efficient in communicating key aspects of the course material without going into redundant areas. I found the course truly valuable and I plan to take refresher courses from time to time with AMBEONE”
Timucin Engin | Senior Director, S&P Global


“The course will be very beneficial to me when I get promoted as Senior Manager”
Mohammed | Analytics and General Marketing, Commercial Bank of Dubai


“I feel I made the right decision to join this institute. Ms. Nita was really helpful in making us understand from the basics of statistics. I am not at all into coding, but the end result and visualizations and the way of teaching kept me going. The best instructor and very clear teaching. I had actually joined 2 similar online courses before joining here, but had to discontinue as it was tough to understand. But joining here I did not regret at all, in fact was really happy and have already recommended it to family and friends. There is also an option to repeat the classes which I would definitely do as new concepts keep adding up. Thank you Ms. Nita and team for all the motivation and support.”
Roshni Lopez


“This training is excellent. Very intuitive and crux of Big Data.”
Yousuf Nasir | Head of I.T, United Bank Limited


“The course was very satisfying and enriching. I do come from a background of research and can understand data, but this course has been very enlightening and it connected the dots and make sense out of big data analytics today.”
Ziad Skaff | Managing Director, Halls & Partners (Part of Omnicom)


“Interesting course with a lot of information in limited time. Useful to explore further.”
Pragna Prabhulingam | Marketing Insights, Entertainer



Student’s Project Gallery

Data Science Case Studies

Sample Case Study 1: Dubai School Performance Analysis using KHDA Dataset – Part 1

Sample Case Study 2: Dubai School Performance Analysis using KHDA Dataset – Part 2

Sample Case Study 3: Sample of Interactive Graphs

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