Aptitude Test for Data Science Career

Test Structure

The test consists of 20 questions and should take you around 15-20  minutes to complete. You will be able to get your score online.

The test is based on problems related to number series questions, verbal analogies, logic games, and reading comprehension and understanding the facts and arguments that they present.

You will be able to get your score online immediately after completing the test.

Ambeone Aptitude Test for Data Science Career

Reasoning behind Test for checking suitability of Aptitude for a career in Data Science field

This Aptitude test for Data Science Career is a quick indicative test for checking if you have the basic skills needed for the pursuing career in Data Analytics, Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence field.

It consists of multiple-choice questions similar to those that appear on standardized tests assessing aptitude and skills in logic, reasoning and critical thinking.

For being a good Data Scientist the ability to ask right questions, finding the missing link identifying the connections, and piecing together complete picture are the key skills.

And These skills lead to a high quality analytics and interpretation which lead to robust machine learning algorithms and AI solutions.

Hence the key element is critical thinking skills—including analytical and logical reasoning—are essential.

The good news is that these skills can be developed with practice!



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