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Ambeone’s Marketing Analytics Certification Training program makes you an expert in applying Big Data Analytics in Marketing – For Customer & Campaign Analytics, Social Media & Sentiments Analysis 

The social media revolution and advent of Big Data analytics is helping marketers reach out to their customers more accurately and much faster using Marketing Analytics. Marketers today are increasingly using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse huge amounts of data and create predictive models to figure out what customers and prospects are likely to do in the future and to adapt their communication materials as well as products and services accordingly.

Following are some ways Big Data Analytics can be used for sharper Marketing:

  1. Better Personalization : Huge amount of user data can be analyzed to under customer profiles and related buying patterns and preferences that can create more personalized recommendations of products and services. Like Amazon, Netflix etc.
  2. More targeted advertising & Content: As marketers and publishers gather more and more data about their visitors and viewers, it will help them to provide more specific and targeted advertising, Example Google and Facebook.
  3. Stronger Marketing Mix:Instead of marketers learning through slow trial and error, the ability to analyses huge data sets quickly leads to much stronger and accurate Marketing Mix strategies to engage high value customers through customized offers.
  4. Robust Media Plan : Predictive Modeling and other techniques can be used to develop robust media plans that results in most mileage for your dollar.

Ambeone offers intensive Three Day program in Dubai and UAE at large for Marketing & Media Executives to integrate Big Data Analytics techniques in their daily jobs .

Main topics covered are:

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Text & Sentiment Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Segmentation
  • Social Media Analytics

Experience in Marketing and Media field and basic familiarity with Data Analytics concepts are prerequisites for this program.

This Program is also offered as customized program for different organizations based on their business needs and trainee’s experience.

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