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Ambeone’s Financial Analytics Certification Training program makes you an expert in applying Big Data Analytics in Finance – For Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, Investment Analytics and Fintech strategies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

With the rise of fin-tech startups and new technology,newer business models are being deployed causing disruption and challenging traditional Financial Institutions and their traditional business models.

In this competitive and dynamic market, financial institutions can win based on the value they can derive from their huge amount of data using financial analytics.

Financial institutions can leverage their large customer bases and access to rich transactional data using big data analytics to create newer business models and products/services that can help them to acquire and retain customers and to deliver superior customer value.

Following are some of the areas that Big Data Analytics can help the financial services industry:

  • Analysis to reveal patterns, trends and correlations based on extremely large data sets of customer profile and transactions.
  • Real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics for driving customer acquisition, churn management and other actionable insights
  • Digital platforms enabling more self-service powering 360 view of customers
  • Strengthening data governance capabilities.

Ambeone offers intensive Three Day program for Finance Executives to integrate Big Data Analytics techniques in their daily jobs .

Main topics covered are:

Financial Ratio Analytics  Predictive Modeling
 Forecasting Techniques  Credit Risk Modeling
Customer Analytics  Churn Management

Experience in Finance field and basic familiarity with Data Analytics concepts are prerequisites for this program. 

This Program is also offered as a customized Financial Analytics Certification Training for different organizations based on their business needs and trainee’s experience.

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