Data Science Series – Level IX

Ambeone’s Training in Deep Learning & Neural network

For Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Course in Dubai

Course Objective

This is an Advanced level of Data Science and covers the unsupervised Machine Learning focused on Deep Learning Neural Networks based algorithms and Models. It will help you to become a highly skilled Data Scientist.

Suitable For

For those already skilled in Data Science and Statistics and aspiring to get into advanced league of Data Scientists. They will get to be in the forefront of data scientists working on Artificial Intelligence applications and models.

Ambeone’s Certification Training in Deep Learning for Data Science Course in Dubai will make you progress as professional Data Scientist and AI Scientist.

Deep Learning is a new and fast growing important component of Artificial Intelligence.

Deep Learning is  also a form of machine learning but with enhanced capabilities . While Machine Learning algorithms usually need some guidance ,the Deep learning techniques need no guidance and can work completely based on the data to provide more accurate outputs.

Hence Training in Deep Learning is becoming essential for Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning models are based on the functioning of Human Brains and consist of artificial neural network(ANN) which are fashioned on the biological neural network of the human brain. ANN is a complex structure of layered multi- algorithms which analyzes data in step wise logic structure and patterns similar to how a human brain analyzes patterns and makes conclusion. However the scope of “Human Error” in analysis becomes minimal in case of Deep Learning and hence its performance can even surpass human logic and capability boundaries.

Hence  deep learning models can perform extremely well but they need high-end algorithms and significantly high volume of data to provide  accurate results.

Deep Learning is a complex and advanced components of Artificial Intelligence and hence to understand and gain mastery in it , you need to have expertise in machine learning algorithms.

Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers
Ambeone recognized as Leading Data Science Trainers

A simple Example of difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

If you wish to classify pictures of dogs and cats – Machine learning algorithms can do that  quickly and accurately once you have provided some initial features related to Dogs and Cats to the machine ,  while Deep Learning can automatically discover the features that can classify Dogs from Cats and classify all pictures based on its own derived classification.

How is Deep Learning different from Machine Learning


Before planning to go for Deep Learning program, you need to know Machine Learning and also understand the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The above article by our Faculty will help you to differentiate between the two.

Topics covered in Ambeone’s Deep Learning Training

  • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Objective functions
    • Activation Functions
    • layers
    • Cost Functions
    • Gradient Descent
    • Backpropagation
  • Building a neural network with NumPy
  • TensorFlows – an open source framework for creating Deep Learning Models
  • Keras – A Neural network Library
  • Deep Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning Over Fitting
    • Deep Learning Initialization
    • Stochastic Gradient Descent and learning rate schedule
  • K-Means Clustering
  • CNN – Introduction to Convolution Neural Networks for analyzing visual imagery
  • NLP – Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks for speech recognition and natural Language processing
  • Reinforcement Learning

We offer Hands-on & In-Person Training on all components of Deep Learning Programs

Our carefully planned and recommended learning structure for Data Science Series
LevelCourse NameKnow More
Level IFundamental of Data Analytics & Interpretation ,Simple Measures of Data Click here
Level IIBusiness Analytics with KPI Measurement using StatisticsClick here
Level IIIStatistics for Data Analytics & Data ScienceClick here
Level IVBig Data Analytics &  Visualization with R Click here
Level VAdvanced Data Mining & Manipulation with Python Click here
Level VIPredictive Modeling & Evaluation with Machine Learning Click here
Level VIIAdvance Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with R & PythonClick here
Level VIIIApplied Analytics-Using Data Science & Machine Learning in Business AnalyticsClick here
Level IXNeural Network & Unsupervised Learning for Advanced AIClick here

Course Format

52 Hours of Instructor Led Sessions


60 Hours of Assignments & Capstone Projects

Course Format

Four Hours Sessions each Weekend for 13 Weeks for Public batches

Course Pre-requisite

Participants in this course must have completed all our earlier levels in Data Science Series course or successfully completed our Associate in Data Science program covering Statistics and Big Data Analytics and Visualization using R or Python or both as well as supervised Machine Learning Models.


They must demonstrate good understanding of the following topics by passing an examination prior to course registration.

  • Foundation in Statistics. This course will be heavily using Statistical concepts to build AI models and it is expected participants have a robust understanding of Statistics.
  • Programming in Python. This course will be mainly using Python as the programming language. It is expected that participants have experience working with Python, especially related to Data Manipulation, Data Visualization & Basic Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning. This course will be building on topics covered in our Machine Learning Module and it is expects participants have sound understanding of topics covered in that course.

We offer Discount Packages for the prerequisite introductory courses needed to successfully complete this course. Contact our team to know more.

Big Data Analytics is an evolving science with new and unique applications cropping up every day. Check out our carefully planned and recommended sequence of training courses that will ensure you gain all the necessary skills needed in a systematic and meaningful way to succeed as a Data Scientist!

Deep Learning Training Course Schedule

Course Course FormatStart Date DurationRegister

Course Details

  • This course is offered as ,
    • A Series of Three 5-Day Intensive Boot-Camp.
    • Weekend Classes : One Four-hour sessions for 13 Weeks
    • We currently offer this course Dubai and Abu Dhabi
    • Checkout our course schedule more information.
  • Participants must bring their own laptop. Preferably with more than 8GB ram.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence training module will be mainly taught using Python as the programming language as well as some R-Programming.
  • All softwares and Databases used for the course are open-source and participants will be taught how to install and set-up the environment.
  • All training topics covered in the course will be taught using relevant industry specific case studies and examples.
  • This training course is very hands-on/practical and is not a lecture or seminar. Participants will be expected to complete exercises and case studies on their own with necessary support and guidance from the instructor.
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