Anger Management

Keeping cool in the face of conflict

The fast-paced, high-pressured nature of our jobs and lifestyles today means that our patience is often tried, our tempers often tested. Those in customer-facing roles, as well as those who simply need to deal with a lot of difficult individuals often bear the brunt of these conflicts.

This course is designed to help participants learn to keep calm themselves, as well as to re-gain calmness in situations where tempers are running high.

Key deliverables

  • Identify anger triggers
  • Examine the body’s physiological response to anger
  • Consider traditional advice on anger management
  • We will then examine anger from two main perspectives:
    1. Keeping calm ourselves and;
    2. Calming an angry person (and preventing anger from arising in the first place)
  • Methods to controlling anger
Self-control techniques for keeping our cool, including:
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-talk
  • Quick, easy and effective tension-relief and relaxation exercises.
Defusing situations where tempers are running high:
  • Developing empathy and emotional awareness
  • Using active listening to identify others’ needs
  • Applying transactional analysis to interactions
  • Using assertive communication to express our needs without offending others

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