Ambeone’s Unique Advantages

Ambeone offers many Unique Advantages for our Data Science Programs.

We are the Leading Institute in the Region offering Face To Face Class , Instructor Led Class Room Trainings in Dubai for Data Science Courses.

We provide in-depth Statistics coverage of concepts with Hands-On Projects based Learning. 


Ambeone’s Six Unique Advantages

Comprehensive Well Planned Structure



The Associate program provides a comprehensive One-Stop Learning Solution for all relevant components of Data Science so that you can start from the Basics but progress to become a Data Scientist and expert in Machine Learning and AI on course completion. Our well-structured time-bound programs Instructor led class room training ensures you learn all required skills to become a well qualified , practicing Data Science Professional in fixed time-duration.

Instructor-Led In-Person Time Bound Classroom Training




All our courses are offered as Instructor led class room training to ensure you complete the program in a time bound manner with effective learning and retention.  It is specifically ensured that participants are able to understand and retain the new concepts well and complete the program at the earliest and are able to fast track their career quickly.

Renowned Faculty with Business & Industry Expertise




Our Program is taught by Faculty  who are highly renowned Industry Experts and Data Science Consultants with strong Academic qualifications and rich Data Analytics and Research background.

Strong Foundation in Statistics & Data Interpretation



We provide a strong foundation in Statistics and Data Interpretation -which is crucial for mastery and expertise in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domain. Our Faculty is Gold Medalist in Statistics with over 30 years of Industry Experience in applied Statistics and Analytics.

Focus on Data Science & not just Programming



The focus of our comprehensive “Associate Program” is to make you a professional Data Scientist and not just a Python or R programmer.

With our program you will be able to integrate R and Python with required Statistics knowledge to build  robust Machine Learning and AI Models with valuable and proven Business Applications.

Hands-on Case Studies based Teaching to make you Job-ready



The programs include lots of hands on practical assignment and GCC Industry based case studies to ensure your job readiness in this region.

Special emphasis is placed on developing your data science projects portfolio so you can show-off your talent to your current or prospective employers.

What Our Students say about Ambeone?

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