Energy Efficiency

Saving energy and being environmentally responsible has become a major goal and concern for everyone especially with the lessons learn in the Covid era.

Using Data Science and AI for Energy Efficiency

Saving energy and being environmentally responsible has become a major goal and concern for everyone especially with the lessons learn in the Covid era.

Growing concern for both Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Sustainability, the market landscape in the GCC has started to support those organizations that are energy efficient, sustainable and who have a long term vision in mind.

With our Data Science Courses ,we teach professionals in Energy Efficiency sector on how to use Big Data Analytics and Advanced Data Visualisation  techniques to recognise, understand and analyse patterns in efforts for conservation of Energy , Identify and predict any gaps and leakages and optimising the  consumptions for energy saving potential.

Growing Need for Data Science in Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Industry

Due to more awareness for saving environment through use of energy efficient machines as well as appliances, there is a greater focus also on reducing consumption both for environmental as well as economic reasons.

This has led to newer techniques for measuring  energy consumption using variety of tools and sensors which has in turn led to massive amounts of data being generated and collected for different energy consumption in several metrics and dimensions.

This has naturally resulted in an increased demand for sophisticated and advanced data analytics techniques for Energy Efficiency measurements as well.

Data – The New Oil

Today data has become the most important asset for almost all  businesses, and is used tremendously for making better business decisions, predicting customer behaviors, predicting maintenance, and many similar and newer business decisions.

More data means better insights and using relevant Data Science, Machine Learning and AI techniques, significant growth can be achieved in the area of Energy Efficiency and Energy Management.

How Data Science and Data Analytics can help in Energy Efficiency

Using Data Science and Data Analytics, analysts can understand the energy consumption patterns and then look for gaps and area where optimization can be done to reduce energy consumptions and obtain energy savings potential.

Similarly, analysis can also be done based on the payments and expenses for energy . Indeed, large Energy bills are usually trigger for organisations as well as households to start studying and reducing their energy usage. This process starts with collecting the data and then analysing the same.

However more complex the data -with different dimensions and variables, more is the need for optimisation using Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms so that energy efficiency projects can be planned and implemented successfully.

Some of the ways Data science can be used in Energy Industry

  • Oil & Gas Industry can use data science in managing various processes in the Refinery, Optimizing pumping systems and distribution as well as for predictive maintenance.
  • Electricity and Water Utility companies  can use data analytics to identify energy consumption patterns and use it for planning power outages as well as set dynamic pricing while their customers can use it to control and reduce their consumption and take advantages of off-peak time lower pricing.
  • One of the most used application of Data Science in most Industries is Predictive Maintenance . Data Science and AI algorithms can be used to predict the maintenance requirements for all equipment and tools which results in reduced downtime , better productivity and reduces accidents and mishaps while reducing costs as well.
  • Alternative energy like wind and solar power production organisations can use Machine learning algorithms for regulating and managing smart grids and optimising their sources and operations based on weather predictions.

Most organizations and Industries today, are already on the path of digital transformation and automation which will result in massive amount of data in all their functionalities including Energy management.

Hence the need for understanding Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence will only grow and will become an important skills for those working or desiring to work in the field of Energy Efficiency.

Some of our courses in Data Driven Energy Efficiency include

  • Data Driven Pump System Optimisation
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions based in Data Analytics and Predictive Modelling
  • Developing Environmental Sustainability Solutions based on data
  • Using data for selecting and measuring Corporate Responsibility impact
  • Intro to Data Driven Renewable Energy
  • Data Driven Urban Horticulture



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