Learn Python & Machine Learning for Data Science & AI !

5 Days Intensive Bootcamp in Dubai!

Ambeone Data Science Course
Due to popular demand from outstation candidates and corporates, we are pleased to announce our next batch of the 5-Day Intensive Boot Camp to “Learn Python &  Machine Learning for Data Science & AI” scheduled from 12th Dec to 16th Dec, 2021 in Dubai.


Bootcamp Objective

Machine Learning and AI are  expected to bring in the biggest change in human lives after the invention of the Internet. It is expected that all jobs across all industries will get affected one way or other by use of these technology advancements is now a reality!”

For the working professionals of tomorrow, there will be absolutely no work-area left untouched by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence it becomes very important to become familiar with these new advancements at the earliest to get a competitive edge and have a successful career.

Hence, Ambéone has launched an intensive 5 Days bootcamp for working professionals and corporate groups to learn Machine Learning and AI concepts in an structured but effective manner.


Bootcamp Schedule

Ambeone’s highly popular ‘Python & Machine Learning’ bootcamp is planned to enable the International participants and corporate executives to quickly enter and start working in this fast growing Data Science field.

The program will be held in Dubai from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM every day. Ample time will be given for hands on practice with real life data and GCC Industry based case studies to maximize learning, retention and application.

The course structure will cover learning Python for Data Science and Big Data Analytics all the way up to Machine Learning and AI using Python. It will focus on hands on techniques for data interpretation, data visualisation and exploration, statistical analysis including linear & logistic regression, classification, random forest and Predictive Modeling for different business applications.


Course Outcome

On successful completion, the participants will be able to interpret huge volumes of data in real-time develop Machine Learning & AI Algorithms for predictive modeling.

They will be able to program in Python for Big Data Analytics, Data Science and develop Machine Learning Algorithms which will empower them to conduct incisive analytics for better and accurate business decisions.


Participants will be trained on and will be able to perform following critical data science, ML  & AI skills

  • Large Volume Data pre-processing using Python
  • High Speed analytics on large data sets
  • High Impact attractive Data Visualization
  • Complex analysis and Hypothesis Testing through Statistical Tests and Techniques.
  • Developing Machine Learning and AI algorithms and Predictive Models using Linear & Logistic Regression, Classification , Recommender Systems etc.


Kindly call 04-4425320 now to register at the earliest and book your seat!Check our Students’s Testimonials here. and their Data Science project gallery here.  



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