Business Communication

This is a highly advanced course on how to improve all aspects of business communication skills. The focus of the course in all types of communications skills including verbal, non-verbal, written and presentation skills.

Participants will examine the impact of non-verbal communication such as body language and learn to use it to their benefit.In Business Communication training, they will exam how to develop their Leadership skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills to build rapport and improve business relations.

Writing Skills & Presentations

We will briefly look at successful persuasive techniques and apply them to create effective emails, reports and presentations.


Participants will leave this course equipped with a greater awareness and sense of confidence about their own communication skills as well as strategies to ensure that they become even more effective communicators.

Tackling delicate situations

Participants will also develop strategies for tackling difficult situations, including:

  • Disagreeing
  • Giving and accepting criticism
  • Dealing with aggression

We will focus on:

  • Developing trust
  • Listening effectively
  • Motivating and supporting others

We will go through situations in a variety of interpersonal situations, including:

  • Interactions with colleagues of all ranks
  • Teamwork and meetings
  • Customer care

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Business Communication Training Course Schedule

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