Can Entrepreneurship be taught?


Usually it is believed that entrepreneurship runs in blood or at least depends on the risk taking abilities of a person.

Though this may have been true traditionally, in today’s world people are turning entrepreneurs not just due to intrinsic and inherent nature but due to economic and social pressures.

The reasons for becoming an entrepreneurs by force could be many-sudden unemployment, global market accessibility, wave of demand for certain services or products, even the ease of starting business with many governments now encouraging that, trends for hiring freelancers and so on.

There is a surge of IT qualified youth in India who are self-employed and offer their IT expertise through online mediums to clients internationally with whom they have only online/Skype contacts.

These self-employed entrepreneurs though not lacking in their vision and risk taking abilities can very well make use of focused trainings that impart them structured and comprehensive know how on how to run their accounts and finances, how to channelize their marketing efforts for biggest bang ,how to recruit and manage teams while growing for expansions.

The lessons that most entrepreneurs will learn over years through their own experiences and trial and tribulations can be passed on to them though specialized trainings that are focused on helping entrepreneurs grow. Most such trainings are based on years of research and experiences of other successful entrepreneurs and can provide simple but effective guidance to the existing entrepreneurs. They help the entrepreneurs to make more efficient and effective choices while growing and help in expanding their success.



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