Can you be a part of the Big Data and Data Science trend?

In today’s world everything can be tracked and collected in the digital universe. All businesses and organizations are collecting data whether it is for Sales  and Customers or for internal management or for the market landscape.

This has resulted in a huge skill gap and is opening multiple opportunities in data analysis and management.

According to LinkedIn Global the 2nd top skills most in demand in 2016 was Statistical and Data Analysis and as per PWC, the best jobs right now in America include titles like data scientists, data analyst, data engineer and business analyst.
So, can you be a part of the big data trend?



What do Data Analyst or Data Scientist do?

A Data Analyst’s job description is to analyse data and to convert that data into information and insights which helps with making better business decisions. Data Scientist will also do the same but in a more in-depth way using variety of predictive modelling and machine learning alogrithms to predict business outcomes.

Do every organization  need a data scientist?

Yes, sooner or later we believe all organisation –small or big will need data analysts or data scientists for managing their data and charter their growth by making better decisions.

A Data Analyst or a Data Scientist as the name suggests analyses these data to convert into information and insights so that it helps with better business decisions. Decisions could be related to Marketing or Finance or HR or any other functionality and could range from which customer’s segments to target, what pricing and promotions to offer, which markets to enter or how to reduce cost or comparing performance of sales persons.

According to IDC, big data staffing shortages will expand from analysts and scientists to include architects and experts in data management. While McKinsey consultants considers Data Scientists as the sexiest job of 21st century!



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