Does training your staff on Customer Services help?


Customer Service Excellence is one of the most talked about business aspects these days. Indeed Companies and consultants have now started to replace the term Customer service with phrases like Customer Delight. This only re-emphasizes that everyone does understand the importance of good customer service.


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Furthermore all organizations do start with a sincere wish to provide a super customer service to their customers. Their intentions are always right. I have not come across any business owner or manager so far who intentionally plan to have poor customer service.

So there is ample understanding as well as there is ample intention to provide good customer service.

Still do we as customers always come across excellent customer service in our daily life?? Hardly so!

In fact in personal conversations everywhere whether it is social media or usual person to person chats, people are talking more about their poor experiences, rude staff and poor service they get.

In a place like Dubai which is now amongst the top tourist destinations in the world, customer service standards at most places still leave a lot to desire.

So clearly in spite of good understanding and intentions, businesses are not able to offer acceptable customer service most times. Customer Delight is still a faraway goal!

There is a wide gap between intention and executions in reality.

The reason for this gap is that those who understand and intend to offer great customer service are usually not the same people who actually face the customers and are responsible for delivering the customer service.

And that is where the need for Customer Service Excellence Training comes in. A training where the business owners and management vision for customer service can be transferred to the customer facing and handling staff.

The transfer of ownership for sincere intention for good customer services needs to take place from management to staff. A good customer service training needs to do just that. At the end of the training the customer service staff should feel the passion, the intention and the ownership for delivering good customer service.

This is the first and most important objective of effective customer service training.

If your customer service training can deliver just this goal well, you have completed 90% of your journey towards converting your staff to Customer Delight Agents.

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