Email Writing and Etiquette

Have you ever been misunderstood in an email? Have you ever watched as a minor email miscommunication unravels into an email war? Even in the business world, email misunderstandings can lead to anger, hurt and broken relationships.

Fast, easy and efficient, emails form an essential part of our daily communications. We send them off by the dozen to provide our clients, partners and colleagues with factual information and details, yet our style, grammar and choice of words can have just as much influence on the reader as the technical data we send. In other words, our writing is perceived to reflect our character and level of competence.

This course will help you to ensure that your emails convey precisely the message you want.

We will consider:

* The unique advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls of emails

* Structure and guidelines

* Rules of etiquette

* Dos and don’ts

* Useful phrases

* What to do when problems arise

* Customer service emails

* Avoiding misunderstandings

* Handling complaints

* Salvaging relationships

There will also be opportunity for participants to bring in their own concerns, whether about grammar.

Email Writing & Etiquette Training Course Schedule

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