Pump System

Energy Efficiency & Bottom Line Savings

Conducted by Hydraulics Intitute USA, Participants of this one-day course will learn to identify energy savings opportunities with pumping systems and will be able to reduce annual costs related to water and energy consumption through optimal management of Pumping Systems

Ambeone Oil & Gas Pump Optimization Training with GASCO
Oil & Gas Pump Optimization Training with GASCO
Oil & Gas Pump Optimization Training with GASCO

Participants will learn

  • Benefits of improving the performance of pumping systems
  • To identify energy savings opportunities with Pumping systems
  • To develop an Action Plan including financial justification for pumping systems efficiency projects. This will result in short-term annual energy savings.
  • System optimization and basic pump system interactions
  • How to choose the right/optimal pumping system from many options.
  • How to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities
  • Basic life-cycle cost analysis.

Target Participants

  • Pump Purchase Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Purchase Engineers
  • Pump Sales Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Pump Manufacturers

Hydraulic Institute Qualified Instructor

This course is developed and certified by the world renowned leading Hydraulic Institute- USA and is delivered by a pump expert specially trained and authorized by Hydraulic Institute- USA to deliver the course in the prescribed format.

This course is conducted in Dubai by Ambeone DMCC on behalf of Hydraulic Institute in compliance to all laws and regulations of the Dubai Government and KHDA.

Course Layout

  • Course material such as textbook, notes, etc. will be provided by Hydraulic Institute – USA.
  • Videos and Simulation techniques will be used as necessary.
  • It will be delivered mainly through presentation and group discussions.
  • The course will be conducted in a 5 Star Hotel Conference room with coffee and lunch breaks.

Pump System Optimization Training Course Schedule

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