Women Entrepreneurship






Women Entrepreneurship

The concept of women’s role in the sector of livelihood and enterprise creation is a matter of concern for policy makers, researchers, trainers, associations and organizations involved in women’s development. A large number of women are engaged in income generation and microenterprises. Many training programmes consider women entrepreneurship is intertwined with social objectives; hence tend to approach small-scale business projects for women from a welfare point of view. Therefore, they often fail to provide female target groups with the practical business skills, knowledge and the ‘business-mind’ that is crucial for successful business/enterprise.  Conventional business training often does not address gender-specific constraints of low-income women in enterprise because it mainly looks at the knowledge gaps in establishing, managing or growing a business.

Some of the conventional Women entrepreneurship development training programmes focus on the business side but neglect the wider family and community context within which women operate. Experiences reveal that if women are encouraged, prepared and thus organized for small business through appropriate strategy and special programmes, they often emerge as successful entrepreneurs. Encouraging women and developing them into successful entrepreneur calls for the adoption of a systematic approach, including the provision of training as well as follow-up supports which can useful for linking  Women entrepreneurs with credit, marketing and other support services and activities. The training programme is an attempt to meet the need in capacity building of specialists in support of Women & Economic Growth Programmes (WEGP) across the globe in a broader sense.


Under this training and development program, it is expected that the participant in the post training phase will function like a program manager in charge of conducting the various business functions. She/He has to play a multi-dimensional role of a decision maker, administrator, liaison officer, training manager, trainer, counselor, technical adviser, and motivator. Accordingly, the objective of the programme is:

  • To equip the participants with skills and knowledge useful for creating entrepreneurial abilities among women and creating a ‘business mind’ building on their life experiences.
  • To develop business and enterprising skills among the participants from a gender perspective
  • To equip the participants with entrepreneurship development tools and techniques, which are relevant for women entrepreneurship promotion and development
Target group

The program is most suited for individuals working in the following capacities:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • NGO leaders
  • Professionals involved in managing development projects in NGOs, multilateral organizations.
  • Government officials who are involved in Economic Development Programmes
  • Bank officials.
  • Research and academicians
  • Officials from industry associations / training organizations



Keeping the objective in view, the program will have the following key inputs

Module 1 Basics on Gender and Entrepreneurship

Module 2 The Business Women and her Environment

Module 3 Micro Credit and micro Enterprise Development

Module 4 Business/enterprise Management

Module 5 Growth and Expansion & Business Development Services

Module 6 Designing and Managing Women & Economic Growth Programmes.


Duration of Women Entrepreneurship Course: 2 Weeks

This course is conducted and certified by Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)

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