Business Process & Work Flows

Business Process is often the key driver of workflow & workload, and the determinant of organizational capacity & capabilities. The need to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes has become a necessity to remain competitive. The increased demand for improved accountability, and effectiveness & efficiency puts similar pressures on organizations to analyze and optimize their business processes.

Ambeone’s Business Process & Work Flows Training course will provide participants with tips, tools, and techniques to perform useful business process improvement, with a specific focus on workflow, workload, technology, organization structure & culture and change implementation.

Who Should Attend

The course is targeted for staff at Call centers and BPOs as well as Front offices of large organizations to ensure standardization of service delivery and transactions.

Course Outline

  • Become skilled in Depth Work Flow Modeling and process flow.
  • Understand Work Flow Automation Systems and Training in depth.
  • Find out how to Measure and Monitor Performance.
  • Carry out Performance Reporting and Gap Analysis.
  • Gain knowledge on Exceptions Management.
  • Gain knowledge on Contingency Management.
  • Learn the various Transaction Handling Scenarios &.
  • Understand Organizational Hierarchies and Control systems.
  • Team Structures and Responsibilities.
  • Communication Management.

Benefits of the Program

Marketways “Business Process Training” programs will benefit your Organization in a variety of ways including:

  • Effectively measure, monitor and report service quality.
  • Create accurate infrastructure based on clearly defined service levels.
  • Mitigating the costs of excess or insufficient capacity.
  • Learn analysis techniques that quickly identify process gaps and resolving it.
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.
  • Provides individuals and teams with a detailed and structured approach for delivering continual improvement.

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Business Process & Work Flows Training Course Schedule

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