How to Choose Big Data Analytics & Data Science Courses & Certification

“How do I get into Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence field? How do I get its certification?” These are some very popular questions among all students and professionals today.

As the demand for qualified data scientists who can develop machine learning algorithms as well as artificial intelligence solutions is growing at a face pace, big data analytic courses have become the topmost sought training. Data analysts and Data Scientists are one of the fastest-growing jobs in all industries all over the world today, and more and more companies are seeking well trained and certified Big data Analytics professionals.

Why Data Science & Big Data Analytics Course Certification?

Hiring the right talent to fill skill gaps is the biggest issue that companies face while trying to integrate analytics and data into their existing operations.

Being trained and skilled in these new technologies is an ideal way to make a career shift to a prominent profession.

However finding a suitable training program which provides you the required skills as well as a good certification to flourish as a Data Scientist is a crucial step in the process.

The search for a good training program is quite complex and it can have a life-changing impact on your professional success and hence you need to carefully select a suitable Data Science training and certification program.

You can use the following guidelines which have been compiled by our industry experts and consultants to help find a suitable program Big Data Analytics or Data Science certification:

Do keep in mind that since the Data Science field is evolving very fast, the technologies keep transforming every few months and hence it may be difficult to find a full fledged degree courses which provides state of the art and latest techniques trainings.

In such situation, well-structured short term 3-6 months or 1 year certified training programs, may provide quick and effective solution as long as they are well recognized by Industry.

Another important aspect to note is that since the field is evolving quickly, currently there  are no globally recognized certifications for Data Science field like for CMA, CA etc.

However there are certified training programs by leading vendors who sell their big data analytics solution and applications. These trainings are recognized well but are very limited in scope, as each vendor provides their proprietary training and certification only for their systems.

The actual growth in this field is occurring mainly due to the trend of open source languages and technologies like Python, R, Scala, Hadoop etc. Hence it’s always better to get trained in these open source languages and techniques as they form the major components of Big Data Analytics wave and are hugely in demand.

Some of the other important aspects to look out for are:

  • It is always better to find an institute which has its courses recognized by relevant government Authorities.
  • In addition Since technology is growing rapidly, you need to learn various components involved in this field. Hence, you should look for a comprehensive training program that covers all concepts from basics to advance to have a full-fledged knowledge in this field. So, before choosing any training program, make sure to go through all the topics and concepts which are covered in the course.
  •  Knowledge of Fundamental of Statistics is very important to become a big data analyst as well as develop machine learning and Artificial Intelligence skills. Hence you need to find a training program that includes coverage of Statistical concepts.
  • Since the topics are complex, it is beneficial training with complete hands on training where you can get your doubts cleared and also have opportunity to code along for most effective learning. Hence it is better to have the training with in person classes and not online.
  • The course should be time bound so you can complete the training and start your career as a Data Scientist at the earliest.
  • Another important aspect is whether the program provides you an opportunity to practice your skills through case studies and real life data sets and internship opportunities.
  • In addition the reputation of the institute amongst employers and Industry is also a key aspect and related to that is what type of internship and job placements  students can get after completing the course.


Huge Job Opportunities

With the right data science course  and proper skills and competency from your side, the sky is the limit for a data analyst. So, if you want to be a big data analyst or a data scientist, then now is the time to get started with your training through any good data analytics certifications.



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