Word Cloud based on Tweets using R Programming

Ambeone’s Example Use of Text Analytics for Data Science

You must have heard of the famous saying ” A picture speaks thousand words” ! and this is true in Business World as well. 

Well-structured and well-formed Advanced Data Visualization and Text Analytics convey business insights more accurately and correctly than long reports.

One such Data Visualization tool is a word cloud (or tag cloud) .It is a text mining method to find the most frequently used words in a text and helps in one glance to understand the theme and sentiments of the text. It helps in communication important information by highlighting important keywords and converts a boring content into appealing and attractive visual Word clouds group together all the important key words based on their significance and frequency – the more a particular word appears in a source of textual data like tweets, blogs, speech etc the bolder and bigger it appears in the word cloud which helps a viewer to understand the theme of the text in just a quick glance.Word Clouds can help in discovering opinions and sentiments, New ideas, and the trends from customers, employees and public at large. Here is a word cloud on key words related to UAE National Day based on Tweets on 2nd and 3rd December in Dubai. This has been made through sentiment analysis of tweets collected using machine learning language R in less than 10 minutes.You can also learn to do so quickly and make even more stunning data visualizations.


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