Summer Bootcamp for Python Programming

Summer Bootcamp for Python Programming suitable for students to learn programming and data analysis in a fun manner.

Ambeone Summer Bootcamp Python
Ambeone Summer Bootcamp Python

Why Python for Students ?

Artificial Intelligence is creating a big change in our lives today . Machine Learning and AI are  expected to bring in the biggest change in human lives after the invention of the Internet. It is expected that all jobs across all industries will get affected one way or other by use of these technology advancements.

When the youth and kids of today become the working professionals of tomorrow, there will be absolutely no work-area left untouched by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence it becomes very important for us parents to ensure that our kids become familiar with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the earliest to get a competitive edge and have a successful career.

Python is a powerful, easy-to-learn, high-level programming language and used extensively in the field of AI and Machine Learning.There are many advantages for youth to learn Machine Learning and AI with Python. Some of these benefits are:

Python is Easy to learn

It is very intuitive and easy for beginners and students. It is also quite fun as it can be used to create interesting programs and games.

Python is all Pervasive

There is a huge demand for Python programmers as it is used in variety of applications, Including Machine Learning and AI . It is used by YouTube and also used for working with large data sets as well as building neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence.

Python Skills are useful for Higher Studies as well as Job Search

The Python Skills your children learn now will remain valuable for them as Python is used extensively for several applications and hence these skills will be useful for higher studies, as well as well as for career launching and growth.

Ambeone has therefore launched a special Youth oriented Program on Python Programming for Data Analysis and Machine Learning.


Our Summer Bootcamp for Python Course Structure

Our program is structured to keep learning interesting through games, competition and rewards so that student’s attention is maintained and they are motivated.

Teaching will be done through small chunks of information in each session so that children find the program is retained and interesting. All classes will be in person instructor led for effective learning and kids will code along in the class.

Classes will be Twice a Week for 2 Hours Each on Monday and Wednesdays from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM.

Students will have assignments and activities to be done after the classes and they will have small projects to keep them engaged . They will need to spend around 8-10 hours per week on assignments and projects. They will be able to build simple interesting programs for themselves, friends and family members.

Course Outline

On successful completion, the participants will be able to conduct interesting data analytics and visualisations using Python.

They will also be able to create Fun Python programs for: 

Solving Quadratic Equations, Making Simple Calculator, Printing all Prime numbers in an interval, Printing Fibonacci Sequence, Shuffle deck of cards,Merge Mails, Finding if strings are Palindromes, Identifying words that are Anagrams,Converting Height from Centimeters to Inches, Towers of Hanoi, Simple & Fast Spelling Checker etc.

The Python programs will be selected as per participants age and profile and will be at a level challenging enough for to encourage their Problem Solving Logic and Critical Reason Skills .All topics will be taught with suitable example and data .  Participants, will need to be hand-on by coding along in the class and completing their assignments by writing their own codes, etc. to complete the exercises.Students need to bring their own Laptops.

Class Schedule and Location

In person classes in JLT , near the JLT Metro Station

Online classes are also available.

Call 04-4425320  or 050-3840505 for details.

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