From Ordinary to Extraordinary by using Data Science & Big Data Analytics in Marketing

Marketing today has been completely transformed with use of Marketing Automation which is increasingly being based on advance alogrithms using Data Science ,Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to predict the right marketing action to take at the right time for the right segment of the target customers.

Marketing Automation is growing at astonishing rate and its software/application market is expected to reach almost USD 10 Billion in 2027. Almost all companies today are adopting Marketing automation in some ways –be it for lead generation and conversion, sending out email campaigns, keeping active social media presence, creating and executing target campaigns and promotions etc.

The successful use of Marketing Automation is directly related to use of Data Science techniques on real time data of customers behavior and attitudes which leads to focused and razor-sharp insights and actions. Machine Learning alogrithms like Recommender Systems, Market Basket Analysis, Classification and clustering are all highly used and applied by all Marketing savvy organisation.

Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing automation are becoming inextricably linked.

As together they provide a strategy for Marketing and Business success. Big Data Analytics provides an effective way to collect, analyze and gain insight from thousands of data points about customers, campaigns, and products or services while Marketing Automation provides efficient technology for executing actions taken based on these insights.

For example, let’s say if a B2B brand’s latest Social Media campaign generates high customer engagement and activity (like retweets, FB Likes, favorites, replies, etc.), and an increase in leads generated is also noticed same time.

Earlier the Lead generation analysis would be conducted independently of the customer engagement with social media and other activities. However today using suitable marketing automation and big data analytics techniques, the B2B brands can not only attribute leads generation as well as conversions to different channels (including social media channels) with complete accuracy but it can also pinpoint which social media and/or marketing activity and channel was most effective, what type of content was found most engaging by customers and most important the leads that converted came from which channel after seeing which content.

Same scenario is applicable in B2C marketing and as experienced by most of us with Amazon,, Netflix etc.

Due to input of the big data analytics into marketing automation the ordinary marketing actions like email sends, social media campaigns, content marketing, promotions and campaigns start providing Extra Ordinary results as they are based on focused razor-sharp insights that trigger a customized, specific, and unique action for each customer.

Marketeers are realising quickly how big data analytics , Data Science and AI has not only become crucial but is the only way forward for successful automated and tech savvy marketing.

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