Use of Data Science in Healthcare

The current pandemic Covid-19 has led to sudden accelerated usage of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the field of healthcare and Health science research.

Today the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI is being used extensively not only to understand the pandemics’ propagation patterns but also for testing as well as care of Covid-19 patients.

Following are some of the ways Healthcare professionals are using Data Science, Machine Learning and AI to combat the pandemic:


  1. Online and interactive voice response systems and chatbots for initial diagnosis

Most healthcare organisations and governments have made available simple tools for individuals to assess quickly if they have symptoms that need further in-depth Covid19 testing.  These are based on series of simple questions based on which AI powered system can quickly differentiate between those having general flu/sickness symptoms with those who may really be having Covid-19 virus.

These tools are not only helping the individuals to allay their fears through use of these scientific self-assessment tools but are also successful in reducing the pressure on the healthcare organisations by reducing visits traffic from non-covid19 patients.


  1. Artificial Intelligence Powered Sensors and Monitors

Physical sensors and cameras equipped with AI based technology to conduct facial thermal scan and pick symptoms like sweat and discoloration, are being used by various governments and healthcare organizations to quickly distinguish people that are likely to be suffering from Covid-19 vs others in crowded areas like airports, railway/metro stations, hospitals etc. and hence helping in controlling of the spread of pandemic.


  1. Patient Care

Different types of AI powered intelligent Robots and devices are being deployed in several aspects of Covid-19 patient-care. These are being deployed increasingly to reduce human interventions in order to control virus transmission as well as reduce workload of healthcare workers and their risk exposure. These devices are being used in activities like obtaining vital health parameters of the patients, delivering medication as well as even delivering of meals. One big advantage of using such AI devices and robot is their accelerated adoption, scalability and quick deploy ability compared to finding and positioning large teams of trained healthcare workers in a disease stricken location.


  1. Monitoring and Controlling Quarantine/Lockdown conditions

AI and Data Science powered devices as well as algorithms are helping government and authorities to identify offenders who are breaking the quarantine and lock-down rules. Recently Dubai police also announced use of AI in identifying whether trips made by residents during lockdown were essential or not.


Future Use and Deployment

Such use of Data Science and AI in healthcare Industry is expected to further grow quickly not only in combatting the current pandemic but also in finding its cure and in future for keeping humankind safe from such sudden attack of virus and diseases.

However such Data Science and AI powered solutions need careful design and development through scientific  use of data coupled with expertise of healthcare professionals.

In addition, this technology and devices needs to become cheaper and more affordable for all which is possible only through its creative use, rapid innovations and economies of scale .

All this is possible only when more and more professionals enter the Data Science field as quickly as possible to work with the Healthcare professionals in development and deployment of such Data Science and AI based solutions.

It is therefore expected there will be acute need of Data Scientists in the Healthcare and related industries.

After all common people, governments as well as Healthcare scientists across the world are all depending and looking up to professional Data Scientists to quickly support the healthcare industry to help human kind in successfully combating the current pandemic as well as mitigate such future occurrence.

If you wish to be part of this Data Science led AI revolution of Healthcare contact us for more information on how you can contribute.



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