Machine Learning and Racing Cars?

Machine Learning and Racing Cars give same adrenaline rush to its proponents!

Speed at which the field of Machine Learning is surging forth is faster than best of the racing car’s speed  but Machine learning is like Racing Cars in more ways than one.

The field of machine learning is constantly evolving as it is the main foundation behind the fast growing field of Artificial Intelligence. The term Machine Learning basically means that we train or make the machine learn in such a way that the machines can themselves analyze data and patterns and are able to find patterns and predict. Machines can then provide high value prediction and guide us in making better decisions and taking smart actions in real time.

With the help of this technology, you can easily analyze large chunks of data. It has changed the way data extraction and interpretation work. It sets up the direction and strategy for automation of various work processes and helps in management by exception. This reduces human intervention in mundane tasks and improves productivity, while reducing human errors and costs.

This is why demand for machine learning professionals and analysts is increasing with a high rate in each and every sector whether it is finance, retail, engineering, logistics, information technology or automotive. Therefore, the importance of machine learning training is also increasing rapidly.


What is covered in Machine Learning Program?

Machine Learning comprises of automated solutions based on various algorithms and techniques such as regression analysis, classification, K-means clustering, A/B Testing, recommender systems, support vector machines, principal component analysis, etc. All these techniques help in different ways to address different types of Business problems. For instance, predicting consumer demands, their needs and preferences, interests of first-time visitors to a website or a store, whether or not a loan should be granted, which color in an advertisement attracts more customers, are all types of business problems that can be very easily and quickly answered through Machine Learning algorithms. Automating these business aspects using suitable machine learning algorithms will provide much quicker and accurate answers which help in generation of more revenue while reducing human intervention and related costs and errors.


Prerequisites for Machine Learning

In order to go for Machine Learning Training, a strong knowledge in statistical concepts and grasp of data exploration & statistical modeling is essential. Otherwise it is equivalent to driving a high powered car without knowing what its various dashboards and controls are . The  consequences of using them incorrectly can lead to disastrous results.

Nevertheless getting skilled in developing machine learning algorithms and models is not difficult once the basic statistical concepts are understood. Choosing
machine learning as a career is certainly of immense value as its scope is almost limitless and demand is high in every industry.

However to understand the subject well, it is important to equip yourself with machine learning training which provides conceptual statistical understanding with Hands-on practice in multiple machine learning algorithms and wisdom to choose the right algorithm for the given business problem and scenario.

After all it is the driver’s experience and judgement and not just the car’s power that wins him the race!



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