What is Python and what are the advantages of learning it for Data Science

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Python is a programming language which is most often used in Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – all fast growing area in information technology. It has its unique advantages. If you are planning or are a professional who works in big data, AI or allied areas, the knowledge of python would add wings to your career. It would give you an advantageous edge in the market.


Where is Python used?

Applications examples include web scraping, testing, web development and data analytics as well as Machine Learning and AI Application. In fact, the use of this fast getting popular programming language is diverse. Even leading search engines such as Google are increasingly hiring python professionals. What exactly python is used for at Google, and what are the benefits of software development using python?

Benefits of using Python

The latest TIOBE Programming Community Index puts Python as one of the top 10 popular programming languages. Python is a high level programming language, and the most prominent use of it includes in developing desktop GPU, websites, and web applications as well as Data Analytics, Visualization and Machine Learning. As it is a high level programming language, python allows you to focus on core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks. Adding to it, it has the simple syntax rules, so you can easily keep code base readable and application maintainable.

That is not all python is widely being used for today. In fact, there are many other reasons. Here are some:

    • Readable and maintainable code
    • Multiple programming paradigms, which means using it you can take on several concepts in functional and aspect related programming at the same time
    • Compatible to all major  platforms and systems
    • Readily available resources that support its easy use in programming
    • A number of open source frameworks and tools
    • Test driven development
    • With python, even complex software development becomes easier

These are what make python a great choice for software development. Python programming language is widely used today for a variety of projects, which increase the demand of properly trained python professionals.

As businesses are constantly on a lookout for a way to cut the cost of operation, the python professionals are going to see a huge increase in demand in the days to come globally.

Data driven strategy works, in fact, data is axis of any business, particularly for large entities. That is why large companies are hiring data professionals. For those looking to make a foray in big data, for those working in big data and who wants to boost their career, learning python will give them a gain.


How to Learn Python 

Given its benefits and wide applications in diverse purposes, more and more software development professionals are looking to learn python.

There is no dearth of resources available such as python development tutorials. There are several online videos as well as you tube videos for learning python, however as  you know self learning yields results slowly and also is time-taking process compared to the guided python training programs. So the best way to learn python is to join a well structured training program from an institute that is regulated

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