Why do Business needs Artificial Intelligence?

There is a lot of excitement surrounding artificial intelligence and its benefits for businesses and rightly so. Gartner published its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 and Artificial Intelligence is right there at the top in different forms. So, if you, as a professional or business owner, are not yet aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence for your organisation, you will be lagging behind in the near future. And, lagging behind seldom produces the right results.

Hence, now is the time that both big and small organizations take advantage of potential of artificial intelligence so that they do not get left far behind. You can know more about how you can use this new technology by pursing a well-structured artificial intelligence courses in Dubai.


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How are Companies Using Artificial Intelligence?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has myriad applications. However, you should have realistic expectations, so that you can benefit from this technology. Harvard Business Review has published an article that gives an outline of the different areas artificial intelligence is being used by companies.

Based on this graphical representation, some of the possible uses of artificial intelligence in your businesses are as follows:

  • Business-driven AI Learning:

    Using this feature, you can use data science models to make better business decisions and forecasts for the future.

  • Predictive Maintenance:

    Using artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, you can forecast and manage maintenance problems and hence , you will be able to fix and maintain equipment in a proactive manner while reducing outages due to unforeseen maintenance issues.

  • Marketing and Customer Service:

    You can make use of the many features of artificial intelligence to offer personalised marketing and superior customer service to your target audience using technology for automated engagements, customer interaction with chatbots, focused marketing campaigns etc.

  • Fraud Prevention:

    The best part about artificial intelligence is that it allows predictive analysis. Hence, using this feature, you will be able to identify possible fraud and take proactive measure to ensure you prevent fraud in the future.

  • Positive Effect on Revenue Cycle Management:

    You can use artificial intelligence to manage revenue cycle more effectively since with the detailed insights you can identify the weak points proactively and take corrective measures.

With more companies turning to artificial intelligence to improve their performance, productivity and profitability, it is imperative that all business owners, decision makers and professionals take advantage of this technology. Using suitable AI and Machine Learning techniques, you will be able to automate numerous business processes and take prompt and accurate decisions to help your business grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

You can take a closer look at artificial intelligence courses in Dubai to upgrade your knowledge and skills to ensure that your business growth does not languish and you remain ahead of your industry.



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