Ambeone Student’s Projects Gallery

Based on the Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques taught in Ambeone’s Programs

This is a Gallery of some glimpses Data Science projects done by recent Ambeone students as part of their program.In case you are interested to know more about a particular project/projects, you may contact us for details .


Transport Vehicle Cost Analysis & Recommendation Model

Submitted by: Manjusha


Ambeone Data Science Project


Transport Vehicle Cost


Usage Optimization 


The Data Science project was based on Transport Vehicles Cost Analysis for a Logistics company and develop a Recommender System


  • To analyze the Maintenance Cost of different Vehicle Models and recommend the best one

Data Preparation

  • Data was collected from different reports like Workshop maintenance Report,Purchase Report and Trips Details.
  • Brand Wise and Model Wise costs were analysed based on Trip details like Mileage , Duration and other parameters.

Data Science Techniques and Models used

  • Linear Regression Model
  • Logistic Regression and Random Forest

 Key Results

  • Recommender system for Brands and Models optimised for Maintenance and other costs for different types of Trips was developed based on Regression Modeling.
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