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Based on the Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques taught in Ambeone’s Programs

This is a Gallery of some glimpses Data Science projects done by recent Ambeone students as part of their program.In case you are interested to know more about a particular project/projects, you may contact us for details .

Ambeone Data Science Project

Sentiment Analysis of World Leaders on Covid based on their Tweets  

Submitted by: Rodrigo


Ambeone Data Science Project


World Leaders Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Text Analytics 


This Data Science project was based on a Tweets of selected World Leaders to track their sentiments related to Covid.


  • Identify the relevant timeline related to the impact of Covid-19 in major countries around the world
  • Analyze these countries leader sentiment analysis on Twitter for the relevant timeline and the sentiment towards them.
  • Cross-reference the impact of covid-19 and the sentiment towards these world leaders

Data Preparation

  • Tweets collected for Four World Leaders
  • Time Period Covered March-June 2020
  • Tweets were cleaned and then prepared for analysis

Data Science Techniques and Models used

  • Web Scraping, Twitter Analysis
  • Data Cleaning and Transformation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Bigrams for Network Analysis
  • Tweets Visualization
  • Tweets Bigram & Network Creation

 Key Results

  • Leaders of countries that have managed to curb the spread of the virus have considerably better sentiment distribution in Twitter
  • Leaders that have had better sentiment analysis are more associated with uplifting and assuring words rather than harsh and aggressive words


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