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Based on the Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques taught in Ambeone’s Programs

This is a Gallery of some glimpses Data Science projects done by recent Ambeone students as part of their program.In case you are interested to know more about a particular project/projects, you may contact us for details .

Ambeone Data Science Project


Understanding the reasons why employees are likely to leave and provide solutions to retain employees

Submitted by: Sharmistha


Ambeone Data Science Project

Attrition Analysis for

HR Analytics


Knowing the most likely reasons why employees leave the organisation, can help the organisation take corrective actions and reduce the level of Attrition and hence enhance Workforce Productivity, Performance and Morale while reducing Organisation Cost.

Hence Attrition is considered an important aspects of HR Management and HR Analytics functionality.


To understand , analyse and predict following Key parameters related to Employee Attrition:

  • What is the likelihood of an active employee leaving the company?
  • What are the key indicators of an employee leaving the company?
  • What policies or strategies can be adopted based on the results to improve employee retention?

Data Source

A fictional data set created by IBM data scientists for Employee Attrition & Performance  which contains employee data for 1,470 employees and 35 variables with main purpose to demonstrate the IBM Watson Analytics tool for employee attrition.

Data Science Techniques & Models Used

  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest


Following attributes were found to be impacting the Attrition ie Top Reasons why Employees leave the Organization:

  • Overtime – Employees who do overtime are most likely to leave the organization. This could be that employees would like to have a higher amount of income or employees could feel that they are overused
  • Monthly Income –As expected, Income is a huge factor as why employees leave the organization in search for a better salary.
  • Age-This could also be expected, since people who are aiming to retire will leave the organization.
  • Job Level, Current Years in Position and Promotion- Employees who are in the same position since the past couple of years and have not been promoted may feel demotivated and look out for better prospects for growth and hence leave the organization.
  • Work Life Balance-It is no easy task to achieve work-life balance in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced business world. Employers expect more from their people, which leads to them feeling more pressure to achieve greater results. Consequently, this leads to longer working hours, and less time spent at home. Hence, employees may feel burnout and look for companies that promote work life balance. (CIPD,2019)


Ambeone Data Science Project
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