Ambeone offers several integrated Data Science Course certifications in Dubai with in person Class room training.

Ambeone provides Data Science courses at various certification levels which  cover different aspects of Data Science like  Statistics, R, Python, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for different levels and integrates them in a well structured content for easy learning within limited time. 

All our Data Science courses in Dubai are provided through Instructor Led In-Person Classroom trainings for effective learning & Retention.

In addition, to enable students start a career in Data Science quickly, these integrated programs are offered at discounted package fees.

Data Science is the way of the future and the industry is growing rapidly. Data has begun to change our relation with industry fields as varied as retail to health, finance to sports, and media to HR. The more global a company becomes, the more its’ data needs to be integrated for better decision making and insights. Companies want to use Data Analytics to optimize their resources, but there is a dearth of Data Scientists who can actually tell a scientific and well analyzed story with data.


Ambeone Data Science


Ambeone’s Data Science certification and courses focuses on analytical and qualitative studies which integrates the disciplines of Statistics, R, Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within a structured framework of classroom sessions, assignments and case studies with a hands on approach.

We don’t just teach you Big Data, we make you apply it. Become Job Ready for the next “IT” career with our courses.


Call us on 04-4425320 or Register to learn more about our courses and which one is the right fit for you so that you can join the next level of your career!

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